Generous Fixer Upper Repair Credit Properties:


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Please note: Most properties with generous repair credits allowed will not appear in our standard online listings but only in this special section.  The only way to find out about them will be through this special email notification and/or by checking the listings frequently.

How it works:
We occasionally have properties needing repairs.  Some may need only light repairs while others may need more extensive amounts of work.  Where eligible we can
allow generous repair credits toward purchase or principal for anyone who wants to secure the property and do the repairs themselves. 

Once you have selected a property that you are interested in, you should make a list of the repairs that you see are needed before making your offer.  When making your offer, will offer generous credits towards your purchase or principal for all repairs that it agrees are needed and they will be written into the agreement.  In some instances may have a list of required repairs available along with the generous credit amounts it is offering.  Please check to see if this is available for properties you are interested in.